Expanding the reach of family history education

Developed by experts at American Ancestors/NEHGS, this free-to-access national curriculum is designed to expose students in grades 4 through 8 to the concepts, benefits, and joys of family history. Each lesson incorporates authentic methodologies used by professional genealogists, along with inclusive teaching strategies to ensure genealogy is accessible to all students.

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Empower all students to discover their personal connection to history

  • Inquiry-based lessons that align with the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards
  • Inclusive teaching strategies to ensure genealogy is accessible to all students
  • Authentic methodologies used by professional genealogists
  • Flexible lessons with step-by-step instructions
  • Culturally responsive primary sources and case studies


Free to Access

  • Full curriculum and lesson-by-lesson downloads
  • Editable student handouts
  • Editable Google Slides presentation
  • Case studies of historic figures
  • And more!

Teach Skills and Methodologies Used by Professional Genealogists

Student-Friendly Genealogy Research Process

C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards—Inquiry Arc

More About the Curriculum

This curriculum aims to empower students to explore family history in a safe way. All students, regardless of their background and family configuration, should be given an equal opportunity to develop critical skills to better understand themselves and the shared human experience.


  • Empower students to develop critical research and thinking skills
  • Empower teachers to effectively teach genealogy to all students
  • Inspire the next generation of family historians

Target Audience

  • Lesson plans target grades 4-8
  • Teaching strategies target grades K-12


  • C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards
  • Common Core State Standards
  • NCSS National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
  • Language Arts and Social Studies State Standards
Hearing and knowing family stories can have powerful emotional benefits for students. This curriculum empowers young students to develop critical skills needed to record individual and collective memories, which can help students develop a stronger sense of identity, belonging, and purpose.
Marshall P. Duke, PhD
Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Emory University


Lessons are based on the same methods that professional genealogists use every day. Students experience the entire process of doing genealogy, from finding and evaluating sources to drawing conclusions and sharing their findings. I wish I had this opportunity when I was a student!
David Allen Lambert
Chief Genealogist, American Ancestors

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Learn about the challenges and opportunities when teaching and learning genealogy, and hear an overview of the lesson plan sequence and key teaching strategies in our curriculum.

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Take a field trip without leaving your classroom! Introduce your students to the concepts, benefits, and joys of family history. Students will learn how to think like a genealogist and discover how to trace families back in time.

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