Hire a Researcher

Uncover your family history with our experts!

Our knowledgeable Research Services Team is experienced in all geographic areas and can assist in a variety of research requests. Some examples include breaking down brick walls, researching property or house histories, creating custom family charts, translating and transcribing records, applying to lineage societies, creating family books (includes photos and biographical narratives), dual-citizenship applications, and archival organization and digitization of family collections.

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Where do I start?

An Expert Assessment is the perfect way to begin your genealogical journey with us. A Researcher will examine your existing family research and develop a detailed strategy for future research and provide any source material uncovered. This one-day service starts at $700 for members and $840 for non-members. Learn more about our Expert Assessment process

Once you have been paired with a Researcher on our Team and an expert assessment is completed, you can decide to continue your research with our Research Services Team, or you can continue on your own by using the expert recommendations provided.

With each completed Expert Assessment, you will receive:

  • A list of specific resources examined
  • Copies of any records discovered during the Assessment
  • Suggestions for further independent research, and
  • A detailed strategy for what can be accomplished with additional research for hire.

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To learn more about this service and our other genealogical services, please complete the form below and our staff will contact you directly.  If you prefer to speak to us by phone, please call 1-888-296-3447 (choose option 1).