Statement of Inclusion

American Ancestors | New England Historic Genealogical Society

Just as our workplace begins to reopen, we face new challenges and, hopefully, new opportunities as a people and as a nation. At this difficult moment, I want to provide a view into the hope and inspiration provided by our institutional strategy:

From today, and henceforth, “we strive to transform our beloved organization into an experiential institution of national importance that provides diverse audiences with relevant engagement and other personal experiences that enrich lives, preserve legacies, and more fully communicate the power and importance of family history. We challenge ourselves to recast our offerings … to be multifaceted and broadly inclusive of historical narrative and cultural context. Through an increased focus on offerings that enrich lives, we will provide our members and the public, in person and online, with engaging encounters that will give a broad and unprecedented context to genealogy. These attractions will, in time, include … experiences that enlighten and engage a wider and more diverse range of people. To support and perpetuate scholarship of permanent value, our staff will include new talent, and we will have a greatly expanded scope of work that inspires and engages new audiences through an increased focus on diverse ethnicities. More than ever, our scholarship, services, staff, and members will reflect the varied faces of America.”

We feel strongly that our deeds, now and in the future, speak best for our organization. Thank you for your commitment to us as we advance our work to educate, inspire, and connect people through family history --- a study which, unquestionably, brings people closer together.

Brenton Simons
President & CEO