Praise for Heritage Tours

Learned and lively, Curt offered us the chance to meet fascinating people and see breathtaking masterpieces not available to the general public. I can’t wait until the next exhilarating escapade!
Melissa, Virginia
The wealth of knowledge of the exceptional tour leaders was continually enhanced by the spectacular array of houses, gardens, and breathtaking interiors. Filled with priceless furnishings, decorative arts, and paintings, these magnificent houses were exceeded only by the meals we shared with their owners. It was a treat I shall never forget.
Bennett, Pennsylvania
Curt’s trip was one of the most—if not the most—enjoyable and educational travel experiences I have ever had. The private homes visited, the hotel and meals, and, most especially, the fellow travelers, were all absolutely delightful.
Steve, New York
On the Pilgrim Escape to Leiden tour, we learned more about the history of the Pilgrims than we were ever taught in our schools! Robert C. Anderson did a superb job every day of educating us on the Pilgrim's time in The Netherlands, guiding us to many important landmarks and historic sites! Added to the journey were other wonderful stops, such as a tour of the Rijksmuseum, including time in their amazing Restoration Lab, and a fabulous visit to Rembrandt's home! We eagerly look forward to our next NEHGS adventure!
Tim and Julie, Minnesota
The Pilgrim Escape to Leiden tour with visits to the same places where my Dutch and English ancestors lived over 400 years ago was a highlight of my summer. The trip which was designed around the expertise of an esteemed scholar and local historians and the exclusive connections of New England Historic Genealogical Society, offered a rare, insider’s perspective — a treat for the mind and senses — and one I hope to repeat!
Anne, Massachusetts